Thursday, October 13, 2016

Black Crime Goes Ignored In Knoxville Tennessee

Hello friends. Take a moment to visit your favorite Knoxville news website. Notice anything? The sites are filled with great stories about the city, politicians, and upcoming events. Wow! Knoxville must be such a great city! The Tennessee Vols are on a roll, Mayor Madeline Rogero is in control, and Police Chief David Rausch praises a strengthening rapport with the black community. This is the perception the city wishes to spread. Unfortunately, it is an unrealistic image of Knoxville and the attempt to sugar coat the situation only places Knoxville residents in harm's way.

Are you aware of the fact that Knoxville is crawling with MS-13 gang members, Cribs, Bloods, and Outlaws? Did you know the black neighborhoods in Knoxville experience a shooting situation nearly every night? A vehicle was just carjacked just this morning at a local credit union. This was miraculously reported by the local media. However, WBIR refused to acknowledge the race of the suspects. The fact that two blacks were reported staking out another credit union's ATM earlier that night also went unreported. At least WATE mentioned the race of the suspects.

Sadly, this goes on far too often and only places Knoxville residents in dangerous situations. Mayor Rogero and David Rausch have a good rapport with the black communities, because they avoid them like the plague. Often times, crimes in these neighborhoods are put on hold, so cops can visit a local business after the 30th false alarm. Gang members with guns on the street preparing for something will be ignored. A report of motion detected at a local restaurant is checked out immediately.

And, the blame shouldn't be placed on Knoxville police officers. The administration sets the priorities. Most Knoxville cops dislike the idea of holding their tongue and being unable to provide a reliable description, as using the term "black" might be considered profiling or racist. White residents of Knoxville pay the majority of the taxes and are responsible for making Mayor Rogero and David Rausch wealthy. These individuals should be protected first and foremost. Below is a compilation of crimes carried out by blacks in the Knoxville area.

Start 00:00 - Black man trying to buy alcohol for under aged kids
00:30 - Coster Road near Sharp Lane. Black name sets ex-girlfriend's car on fire. Possibly a coal burner.
01:40 - Update - Vehicle is engulfed in flames.
02:20 - Suspect identified as black male Kendrick Hughes.
03:35 - Previous encounter with Kendrick. Can't handle losing his white woman. Disguises his vehicle.
05:40 - Call in the arson investigator.
05:50 - The next day. Victim calls in again. Black male set her car on fire and fired a shot. Threatening to set victim's second car on fire!
06:30 - Suspect's description. Looks thuggish and ghetto.
07:07 - Lonsdale Park. Victim assaulted by Greg Yardbrough. Black on black crime
07:30 - Black male running from police. Near boys and girls club MLK.
08:10 - Hands in waistband entire time. Lucky he wasn't shot!
08:35 - Black man shooting at car.
08:50 - Gateway Inn. Man was robbed by 2 black males and 2 black females
09:10 - Whittle Springs. Black male on bicycle chasing vehicles.
09:37 - East Magnolia. Black male stabbed in the face by his sister
09:58 - Linden Avenue. Coal burner fighting with her black lover
10:10 - Central Street. Black male threatening to kill another black male.
10:30 - North Broadway. Black male trying to kill black male with a hatchet.
10:50 - Black male at Clinch Avenue hospital after being shot in the foot.
11:15 - Looking for black male attacker on Broadway.
11:30 - More info about attacker. Drunk or high. Can be heard in background being a fool
12:15 - Clinch Avenue Fort Sanders. Black male shot in the foot. Same as above.
12:40 - Black male with eye patch threatening others. Cannot be found
13:10 - Black man named Chief causing trouble
13:20 - Black male attacks woman and runs onto Daylily Drive. Dangerous gang neighborhood
13:30 - Black man waving a gun in the air threatening to kill himself.
13:40 - Black suspect shot up into the air. Bunch of black males pulled up and shot at victim.
14:15 - Black boyfriend is upstairs tripping. Female in basement hiding in fear.
14:30 - Smoking crack and a blunt. You guessed it. Black man
14:45 - Guns shots near Parkview Avenue and Cherry Street. Gang neighborhood.
14:55 - Male beaten in the head. Hit with a metal object.
15:25 - Black male got into altercation and pulled out a gun.
15:40 - Magnolia black female going nuts.
16:00 - Black male in black hate assaults another man. Victim has a seizure.
16:20 - With the victim on Selma Avenue. Near Martin Luther King. Another black neighborhood.
16:30 - Male shot in the leg on Selma Avenue.
16:50 - Black males throwing up gang signs. Related to the above.
17:10 - Black man steals and totals a motorcycle.
17:45 - Suspect information - Marquekez Johnson
18:20 - Black woman tries to kidnap a white baby. Near Central Avenue
18:30 - Woman calls in on black brother, who is high and threatening to shoot up a school and blowing up a house.
18:45 - Two victims. One has been shot and the other one is having a seizure. Holston Drive.
19:00 - Large crime scene. 20-30 shell casings.
19:07 - Near Fulton High School. Kids are robbed at gunpoint and thrown in the trunk. They manage to escape after pulling the emergency latch. 4-5 black males. One is named Bloody Red.
19:50 - Vehicle details from above robbery. Occupied by 4-5 black males armed with rifles and handguns.
20:20 - Further details
20:50 - Black male and white male jumped out of vehicle and made a run for it. Connected to above crime.
21:10 - Scanning the area for gunshots on Magnolia. Residents on Selma claim to hear nothing.
21:28 - Cop knows better. Heard 15 rounds. Will check house on Hillside that has been shot up 3 times with approximately 100 rounds.

While Governor Bill Haslam goes around pretending to be a choir boy, his state is turning into a war zone. Knoxville is minor compared to the current situations in Memphis and Nashville. Yet, Haslam
is too busy outsourcing UT jobs to care. Haslam may pretend to dislike the immigration scheme, but he plans to benefit from it with cheap outsourced labor. The man should've disappeared after the Pilot scandal. Just like Mayor Rogero and David Rausch, Haslam has done nothing to promote the betterment of Knoxville or Tennessee for that matter. Soon, the Mexican gangs will wage a war on the streets with the black gangs.

If you're white and reside in Knoxville, you need protection. Don't burn coal, don't visit the black neighborhoods, and avoid going out after night. While you're at it, do your part to sack Knoxville's worthless politicians. Rausch may wish to squander millions on Naloxone for the drug addled losers, but he would be better focusing his energies on the black crime problem. You can only ignore it for so long. It is only a matter of time before BLM Googles come marching on your streets after one of their worthless thugs is justifiably taken out by a KPD or KCSO officer. All suspects are considered innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law.

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