Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Illegals Are Running Wild In Knoxville And Nobody Cares

The City of Knoxville was once considered great, prosperous, and thriving. Those days are long gone and the city and state politicians should be credited with Knoxville's downfall. Bill Haslam, Mayor Rogero and David Rausch are all complicit. While more and more illegals flood into the city, the crime continues to spiral out of control. The city was already plagued with overwhelming black violence, but things are about to become far worse. And unfortunately, you're not supposed to know about it. WBIR, WATE, KnoxNews and others are controlled by their masters, so they'll say nothing. When an innocent Knoxville resident is attacked, robbed or car jacked, these media outlets and the politicians are partly responsible.

Under the control of Democrat Mayor Madeline Rogero, Knoxville has taken a turn for the worse. The city's police forces have been stripped of their power, while the blacks, Mexicans and Arabics have been given free reign. Cops are lucky if they can even mention the suspect's race or ethnicity, without getting severely punished. And while these individuals fill the streets with drugs, murders, rapes, and crime, Rogero and Rausch spend millions on Naloxone. Sure, they can help the Opioid abuser remain alive for a little bit longer, but these losers are bound to overdose once again. Another nostril full of Naloxone might save them again, but eventually they'll end their own life and the tax payer's money will be trashed.

If you live in Knoxville, you'll know immediately that Knoxville is a Sanctuary City. It is impossible to enter a local Wal-Mart, without hearing some Cholo rambling on incoherently. And, those little Spic youths are allowed to run free. The parents never keep an eye on them. Yes, THEM. These Cholo families can't just have one or two. No. America's government and tax payers are footing the bill. They have three, four or even more. Why do they even bother coming to America? American jobs are flowing straight to Mexico at a record pace. If they need jobs, why not remain at home?

It is all about the free amenities. No taxes, free food stamps, free housing, you name it. If you've got brown skin, no driver's license, and you can't speak a word of English, you're going to live in luxury in Knoxville. Mayor Rogero and Bill Haslam are doing nothing for the hard working whites in Knoxville, despite these individuals being the tax paying majority. So, what are Knoxville illegals doing? Listen to the audio below to find out.

Start - Possible MS-13 gang member in area after drug deal gone wrong
00:20 - Possible MS-13 gang member shooting out of a vehicle's window
00:46 - WHITE MALE hold for immigrant! WTF?
01:01 - Possible MS-13 shooting more
01:14 - Sergio juvenile with a warrant
01:20 - Tried to track Sergio down, but nobody answered door
01:30 - Record check for Hispanic male
02:13 - Unable to find anything on aforementioned Hispanic
02:20 - Guatemala ID! WTF?
02:38 - Cop hopes caller/suspect can SPEAK ENGLISH. Don't we all? Nice chuckle.
02:55 - Non-English speaker reports a crime
03:22 - Information about the translator. Blah Blah
03:33 - Caller reports he has been chased out of store by Arabic male
03:44 - Trying to obtain information about a Hispanic
04:29 - Cop doesn't think the Hispanic is being truthful
04:37 - Unable to find anything out of New York. Dispatcher also doubts the man's story.
05:00 - Finally finds New York ID number for Angel Hispanic man.
05:21 - Hispanic son calls for non-English speaking father, who is having a fight with his wife.
05:47 - Brown man passed out in an alley.
05:57 - Arabic father threatens his son
06:10 - Hispanic male drunk and walking in the street
06:36 - Non-English speaker. 94 year old caught has 87 issues.
06:55 - Spic woman at hospital was assaulted, but refuses to give information.
07:13 - Hispanic suspect might be on scene, so cop needs backup.
07:30 - Hospital security agrees to help.
07:46 - Vehicle chase on Clinton Highway
08:20 - Anderson County chasing the vehicle, which was stolen out of Oak Ridge. High speeds.
08:38 - Description. Passenger WHITE MALE! Driver HISPANIC or BLACK!
09:29 - Terminated, due to speeds of 100 MPH
09:40 - Vehicle has crazed at Dry Gap Road
09:54 - Chase suspects. Kevin Cummins
10:06 - Driver is Arabic/Hispanic man named Tristin Z Romandin
10:17 - Frat students with a bat harassing Arabic woman, because she is Arabic.
10:41 - Asian male trying to steal alcohol
10:56 - 21 year old Hispanic man is drunk and trying to fight with everyone
11:14 - 10-85 for now at Red Roof Inn. Hispanic man believes he has been raped twice by his Hispanic roommate. Butthole raped Monday and tonight.
Remainder - Trying to find a Spanish speaker. Cop is using the language line.

Let us analyze what you have heard above. At 8:20, there was a high speed chase. A white boy, who is obviously an imbecile, was the passenger. His spic friend was the driver. The white boy's name is Kevin Cummins. His spic friend is Tristin Z Romandin.

knoxville mugshots
If you'll notice, Kevin Cummins has been charged with reckless driving. Surely his Arabic friend will face the same charge, since the police clearly stated HE WAS BEHIND THE WHEEL.

Above is our driver, Tristin Z Romandine. I had to find him off of the KnoxSheriff website, because he has apparently already been released. I remembered seeing him in the A-Z catalog, but he mysteriously remained off of the 24 hour arrest list for several days, after his arrest. Nonetheless, I was able to find a cache version of his arrest record.

As you can see, Romandine has no record of driving recklessly. So, are the police protecting the Arabic spic, so it doesn't look back for the city? Let us dig a little deeper shall we? VINELink is a program, which is setup to notify crime victims and others when criminals are released from jail. So, I headed on over and punched in Romandine's name. Perhaps he has been transferred back to Anderson County?

Nope. Not even close. Our 19 year old "white" male has already been bonded out! Why is our Arabic 19 year old not facing the same charges as our white friend? Both were complicit in stealing the vehicle and our Arabic friend was behind the wheel. Funny enough, our friend Kevin Cummins was released 2 days ago on 10/20/2016. Our Arabic friend was released on 10/14/2016. Wow. Just wow! Enough with this nonsense.

Donald Trump has been criticized for calling illegal immigrants rapists. This is no secret and our illegal friends in Knoxville exemplify his statement. At the very end of our audio log, a Hispanic man calls police to let them know he feels has been raped by his Hispanic friend in his sleep. Not once, but twice. Take this into account and combine it with migrant behavior in Germany. They're rapists and they know no bounds. Our cops cannot do their jobs, because they have to babysit these folks, who shouldn't even be here. They have to use some language line to communicate with these 3rd world leeches, because they refuse to learn the English language.

Our cops do not have the time nor the resources for such. America is receiving the worst of the worst. Mexico's unemployment rate is 4.75%. In April 2016, the country's unemployment rate fell to the lowest in 8 years! Jobs are in abundance in Mexico! Mexican immigrants come to America to abuse the system. They want free food stamps, free phones, free housing, and a tax free income. They do not want Hillary Clinton's amnesty. Her amnesty would destroy their tax free income, which is mainly sent back to their mammy and daddy. And, it should be known that many immigrants are gang members with MS-13.

They come to peddle their drugs. They come to rape your children, shoot up your neighborhoods, and flood American homes with their enormous cockroaches. And, do not forget the diseases. TB is coming back and these individuals are responsible. As for the Syrian immigrants, they're not Syrians. They're not receiving humanitarian aid. Many are Iraqis, Turks, and others from 3rd world shat holes, where they poo in the loo. Don't fall for Soro's propaganda. Take back Knoxville by demanding better from your politicians. And, do not forget to vote out Mayor Rogero when the time comes. She is largely responsible.

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